PRESS RELEASE – Ninth Circuit to Church of Reality – Screw You!

On January 27th the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a non decision decision in the case of the Church of Reality vs. the DEA over the church’s request for exemption for religious use of marijuana. In it’s decision the court denies the Church of Reality due process of law. “This decision isn’t a decision […]

Conservatives mock Gore on snowstorms

Letter to the Editor Conservatives are mocking Al Gore and global warming pointing to the snow storm burying the east cost in feet of snow. Republican leader Mitch McConnell quipped “Where’s Al Gore Now?” and calling global warming “snake oil science”. What Conservatives don’t seem to understand is that snow isn’t a product of cold, […]

That hopey changey thing

Letter to the Editor Sarah Palin is asking us, “How is that hopey, changey thing workin’ out for ya?” Probably about as well as abstinence is working out for your family.

BTW Senator Obama – You’re the President Now

Letter to the Editor There’s a difference between getting elected and assuming leadership and I’m still waiting for President Obama to assume leadership. Obama’s management style seems to be that he’s just another member of a team rather than the team captain. America is in a crisis and both the Democrats and the Republicans in […]

Will Iran pass America in the Space Race

On this day when Iran has launched a rocket into space we have to ask ourselves if it is wise for the Obama Administration to cut funding to NASA and cripple our ability to put people and equipment into space. I’m old enough to remember how I felt when we first went to the moon […]