Youth vote pays off under Obama

Letter to the Editor Up until the 2008 election young people didn’t show up at the polls to make a difference. Old people showed up to vote and that’s why politicians protect Medicare and Social Security. But in 2008 the youth showed up to vote and got involved in the election and Obama was elected […]

The Tea Party isn’t real

Letter to the Editor There really isn’t a Tea Party. The so called “Tea Party” is just an attempt to rebrand the Republican Party as if changing the name will make people forget the Bush years. These people were all Bush/Cheney supporters who could care less about fiscal responsibility when they were in power. Now […]

Repeal and replace is a losing strategy

Letter to the Editor On August 14th 1935 president Roosevelt signed into law the Social Security Act. The next year in 1936 Roosevelt ran for president against Kansas Republican Alf Landon who ran on the platform of repealing Social Security. Alf only carried 2 states in that election and if not for Wikipedia, very few […]

Will Rush Limbaugh keep his word?

Letter to the Editor On March 9th Rush Limbaugh said on his show that if the health care bill passed he would leave America and go to Costa Rica. (Which has universal coverage like what we just passed.) So Rush – the bill passed – so when are you leaving? Or are you going to […]

Catholic Child Sex Scandals Supports Atheism

Letter to the Editor I have a message for my believing friends and it’s something that believers should really listen to and think about. As a realist who doesn’t believe in God I am often challenged to open my heart and let Jesus in. I am reluctant to do so without any evidence that God […]

Dems will get exclusive credit for Health Care Reform

Letter to the Editor In the future when the history books are written about 2010 the Democrats will exclusively get the credit for passing health care reform and that they did it without a single Republican vote. Just like when we look back on Social Security and Medicare we can see that it was the […]

Tax Cuts to start new Businesses?

Letter to the Editor I think today’s passage of the jobs bill is a good start offering tax breaks to small businesses that hire new workers. But I have another idea that Congress should address. Why not create a similar tax break for people who start new businesses? New businesses could be the way we […]

Don’t answer race questions on census form

Letter to the Editor I got my census form yesterday and I filled it out except that I refused to answer questions 8 and 9 because I think that asking what race you are is a racist question. The way I see it if you go back in time we all come from Africa and […]

Can Republican succeed by working to make America fail?

Letter to the Editor This November when Americans vote in the mid-term elections for Congress if the Democrats have passed health care reform, banking regulations, and consumer credit card protection, and if Democrats have a record of accomplishment – and they did it all without a single Republican vote – then Democrats are going to […]

Democrats need to lead polls, not follow them

Letter to the Editor There’s a difference between being a follower and a leader and the Democrats haven’t figured that out. Many Dems are trying to decide of health care reform based on polling or the number of people calling their office. What Democrats should be doing is what is right for America. If they […]

What is a Democrat to do?

Letter to the Editor Democrats are wondering what to do about health care reform. Do they vote for it or let it die? The Republicans and the big insurance companies want very much for health care reform to fail. So if the Democrats don’t know what to do, maybe they should do the opposite of […]

What will it take?

Letter to the Editor People are wondering, “What will it take to get the Democrats to pass health care reform?” Well – Rush Limbaugh said that he would leave the country if health care reform passed. So Democrats – there’s your reason! Or are you holding out for Glenn Beck to make the same promise?

Congress is a Joke

Letter to the Editor There’s and old political joke that goes like this. “What is the opposite of progress? Congress!” But that joke has never been more true than it has lately. This is especially true of the Senate. I’m not sure which is worse, that a single senator held up government to settle a […]