Can Republican succeed by working to make America fail?

This post was written by marc on March 15, 2010
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Letter to the Editor

This November when Americans vote in the mid-term elections for Congress if the Democrats have passed health care reform, banking regulations, and consumer credit card protection, and if Democrats have a record of accomplishment – and they did it all without a single Republican vote – then Democrats are going to win big. So in order for Republicans to win they have to make sure that America fails. Republicans have to work against the interest of the people and then try to blame it on the Democrats in order to win.

Republicans could have chosen to work with Democrats and share in the glory of fixing the problems that they created under Bush, but Republicans chose not to do that. Republican are counting on voter anger to win. I think the idea of winning through failure is a really bad idea. Republicans have a duty to America to work in the best interest of the people rather than in the best interest of themselves.

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