Repeal and replace is a losing strategy

This post was written by marc on March 25, 2010
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Letter to the Editor

On August 14th 1935 president Roosevelt signed into law the Social Security Act. The next year in 1936 Roosevelt ran for president against Kansas Republican Alf Landon who ran on the platform of repealing Social Security. Alf only carried 2 states in that election and if not for Wikipedia, very few people would remember who he is. Social Security is so popular that it is considered the “third rail” in politics. You touch it your political career dies.

In 1994 the Democrats lost big in the midterm elections after failing to pass Health Care Reform. But they learned their lesson and decided not to repeat that mistake. But now the Republicans are talking about running on repeal and replace of the health care legislation that just passed. Although it was tough for Democrats to get it passed it is now the law of the land. Now that it passed I don’t think that the public is going to rise up to give control of health care back to the insurance companies.

Republicans need a new strategy. Maybe they should focus on something positive they can accomplish and run on the merits of their work rather than to run on what they can tear down. They are hoping that we will forget what the Party of Bush did to America the last decade. Republicans cannot run on a record of failure and expect to be successful.

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