Where is Drill Baby Drill Now?

Letter to the Editor During the 2008 election the Republicans, raising their angry voices, were all chanting “Drill Baby Drill” as the solution to America’s energy needs. Now with 200,000 gallons of oil a day pouring into the Gulf the reality of why we need to get away from oil is washing up on our […]

Stephen Hawking is a Racist Pig

Letter to the Editor So Mr. Hawking, you say it’s “too risky” to contact beings from other planets? You must be thinking about moving to Arizona because of your anti-alien rhetoric. We don’t like being called “Space Aliens”. We see ourselves as “Citizens of the Universe”. We need to stop listening to racist pigs like […]

Republicans side with the banks

Letter to the Editor It’s going to be interesting to see how the Tea Party crowd responds to the Republicans blocking the Democrats from stopping bank bailouts and fixing the problems that led to the collapse of the economy and the high unemployment and deficits. Supposedly the Tea Party are “independent” and are interested in […]

Bring a Chicken to the Doctor

Letter to the Editor The Republicans have settled on a political strategy for this year’s elections to run on “Repeal and Replace” the health care reform that Obama just signed. But what would they replace it with? Up until this last week no Republican has said anything specific until Nevada Republican senate candidate Sue Lowden […]

Value Added Tax – Bad Idea

Letter to the Editor News reports say that President Obama is considering a value added tax. That would be a really bad idea. A value added tax is really a national sales tax and it is a tax paid mostly by the poor and middle class because they spend all their money and the rich […]

Wall Street Busted – Finally!

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting to hear Republicans complaining about the timing of the SEC investigation of Goldman Sachs. The way I see it, finally someone is starting to bust the banks and the bankers who ripped off the taxpayers for trillions. As to the timing, when would be a good time for Republicans […]

Republicans counting on anger only

Letter to the Editor Republicans are going all in on anger this year and betting everything on anger alone. This is very risky because as the economy recovers and things keep getting better the voters might not be as angry in November as they are now. Republicans also have the burden that their anger won’t […]

President Bush Addresses Nation on Economic Crisis

Lest we forget that it was the Republican/Tea Bagger Party who got us into this economic mess.

Cable news silent when Democrats win elections

Letter to the Editor The first post Health Care Reform election was held but you won’t see any news about it on the cable news networks because a Democrat won. On April 13th Democrat Ted Deutch won 62% to 35% over Republican Ed Lynch in a special election for Congress held in Florida that was […]

Nuclear Security Summit makes our World a Safer Place

Letter to the Editor Today’s nuclear security summit is a big step towards making the world a safer place for humanity. President Obama is earning his Nobel Peace Prize retroactively as he brings the world together under the common realization that the only way to win a nuclear war is to never have one. There […]

Why Liberals fear Sarah Palin

Letter to the Editor While liberals ridicule Sarah Palin they secretly are scared to death that she will run for president in 2012 because Palin is the strongest and smartest candidate the Republican have ever put forward. When asked what newspapers and magazines she reads her answer was “all of them”. No other Republican is […]

Appoint a Corporation to the Supreme Court?

Letter to the Editor Since the Supreme Court decided the corporations were people maybe President Obama should appoint a corporation to the Supreme Court to replace retiring justice John Paul Stevens. Maybe Wal-mart can serve as a justice on the court.

If the south wants to secede – go for it

Letter to the Editor Right wing Republicans and Tea Party extremists are talking about seceding from the United States. I say – go for it. Governors like Rick Perry of Texas and Bob McDonald of Virginia want to inflame the hatred of America then they should leave and form their own country. The southern Republican […]

Is there a higher standard for blacks in the Republican Party?

Letter to the Editor Michael Steel, who is head of the Republican National Committee, said that he has less room for error because he’s black. He might be correct. Republicans are making a big deal out of the incident where Republican staffers spent almost $2000 at the Voyeur Club, a lesbian bondage strip bar. Although […]

Obama answers race question on Census wrong

Letter to the Editor When I filled out my census form I decided that I wasn’t going to answer the questions on what my race is for two reasons. First, racial classifications is in itself a form of racism in that we are not racially equal until race is unimportant. But an even better reason […]