Is there a higher standard for blacks in the Republican Party?

This post was written by marc on April 6, 2010
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Letter to the Editor

Michael Steel, who is head of the Republican National Committee, said that he has less room for error because he’s black. He might be correct. Republicans are making a big deal out of the incident where Republican staffers spent almost $2000 at the Voyeur Club, a lesbian bondage strip bar. Although this sounds bad for the chief fundraiser for America’s “Party of God”, it’s not so bad when you compare it to white Republican scandals.

For example, Senator David Vitter was caught paying for sex with prostitutes. Senator Ensign was caught having an affair with a staffer and funneled hush money to her and her husband, possibly breaking the law. Republican Senator Larry Craig of Utah (wide stance) was caught playing foot game in a mens restroom in a police sting to catch men trying to pick up other men for sex. Republican Governor Mark Stanford used state funds to sneak off to Argentina to cheat on his wife and 4 kids and although he is now single again, he’s still serving as governor.

So if Republican Senators and Governors can have affairs, prostitutes, and pick up men in bathrooms without resigning then why should Michael Steele resign because a staffer, not him, took some donors to watch lesbian bondage? I think Steele may be right about being treated unfairly.

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