Wall Street Busted – Finally!

This post was written by marc on April 20, 2010
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

It’s interesting to hear Republicans complaining about the timing of the SEC investigation of Goldman Sachs. The way I see it, finally someone is starting to bust the banks and the bankers who ripped off the taxpayers for trillions. As to the timing, when would be a good time for Republicans for the SEC to investigate Goldman Sachs and why does timing matter? No matter when this happened it would be bad timing for Republicans.

Even if the timing were “politically motivated” to get support to pass laws to prevent the same thing from happening again, busting Goldman Sachs and fixing the banking system is still a good idea. Republicans have been complaining about the bailout and the deficit and here’s a chance for them to fix the problem and they take the bankers side. The timing wouldn’t be bad for Republicans if they were on the side of the people.

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