Stephen Hawking is a Racist Pig

This post was written by marc on April 26, 2010
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

So Mr. Hawking, you say it’s “too risky” to contact beings from other planets? You must be thinking about moving to Arizona because of your anti-alien rhetoric. We don’t like being called “Space Aliens”. We see ourselves as “Citizens of the Universe”.

We need to stop listening to racist pigs like Stephen Hawking. If we are going to get along in the universe we have to stop judging people be the color of their skin or what planet they were born on. For years people from other planets have become productive citizens of Earth. While it is true that we have taken jobs in the computer design and software development industry, we only design the chips and write the software that no one else wants to do, working for free in to Open Source world.

I know many of you are afraid that we are just here to breed your women and use our mind control powers to make you vote for people who no one had ever heard of like Barrack Obama and Sarah Palin. But we just want to be treated like people no matter if our skin color is white, brown, black, yellow, invisible, or green. We should not be forced to carry identifier chips to be scanned by police robots to prove that we are legally allowed to be here on this planet.

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