Can Good come from the BP Oil Spill?

Letter to the Editor I’m just hoping that after the worst oil disaster in history that if it’s really going to be bad that it is bad enough to shut up the “Drill Baby Drill” crown and those who keep saying that we don’t need government regulation. Without regulating these companies the Taxpayer’s have to […]

Big win for Democrats Tuesday

Letter to the Editor Tuesday’s elections are a big wake up call for those who think that America is leaning Republican. In Pennsylvania, the Democrat beat the Republican for Congress in Jack Murtha’s seat. Senator Arlen Spector, Republican turned Democrat, lost to a real Democrat. In Kentucky the Tea Party candidate beat the Republican establishment […]

Are Hispanics the new Blacks?

Letter to the Editor Before Martin Luther King in the 1960s blacks were considered second class citizens. They did the work no one else would do at wages far below that of white people. Now Hispanics are in the same positions as blacks were before 1960. Under the guise that some of them might be […]

Atheist declares – God is punishing us!

Letter to the Editor On 9/11 Jerry Falwell declared that god was punishing us for abortionists, gays, and feminists. Muslim clerics have declared that recent earthquakes is God punishing us for women dressing immodestly. Pat Robertson said that the Haiti earthquake was God punishing the Haitians for making a “pact with the Devil”. So I […]

The Kind of Justice that I want

Letter to the Editor This week President Obama is going to pick the next Supreme Court justice. People are talking about what kind of a justice Obama should pick. I want a justice that won’t usurp the will of the voters and appoint a president like the Supreme Court did in Bush vs. Gore giving […]