Courts lack judicial integrity

Letter to the Editor It wasn’t the decision that Judge Martin Feldman made this week lifting the oil drilling moratorium that I find the most offensive. What is even more offensive was that he was allowed to hear the case in the first place. The Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits judges from hearing cases for […]

Republicans think Obama is shaking down BP – Good!

Letter to the Editor It amazes me that Republican Joe Barton actually apologized British Petroleum saying that President Obama is shaking them down for 20 billion dollars. I say good for Obama. That’s what he’s supposed to do. What do the Republicans expect – that the taxpayers should bail out big oil? I don’t think […]

When is America going to get the message? Stop using oil!

Letter to the Editor We live in a nation of morons who just don’t get it that running on oil just doesn’t work. Everyone expects that somehow President Obama is going to waive a magic wand and the oil spill is going to go away, the coast will be clean, and the fishermen are going […]

Helen Thomas is Right about Israel

Letter to the Editor It is unfortunate the Helen Thomas was forced to retire after speaking her mind about Israel. I happen to agree with her although I wouldn’t have worded it the way she did. No religion should have a homeland. Whenever there is a religious homeland it creates a caste system where one […]

Should the government be involved in the oil spill?

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting to see Republicans and Tea Baggers changing their tune when they want the government to bail them out after the capitalists have failed. After all, isn’t the oil spill “Free Enterprise”? They didn’t like the government bailing out the banks, but they want the government to bail out the […]