Will Democrats bring back the Draft?

Letter to the Editor It appears that Charley Rangle, the same congressman who a House panel found broke ethic rules, wants to bring back the national draft. A bill, introduced on July 15th called the “Universal National Service Act” would require everyone 18 to 42 years old to perform national service. This joker is telling […]

How rich is rich?

Letter to the Editor A lot of politicians are talking about extending the Bush tax cuts claiming the it would raise taxes in the “middle class”. However the news media is trying to redife middle class to include people making $200,000 a year. Is $200,000 a year middle class? I don’t think so. The average […]

Liberals are concerned about the deficit too – not tax cuts for the rich

Letter to the Editor Although Republicans have of late been making a lot of noise concerning the growing national debt, we liberals are concerned about it as well. That’s why the tax cuts for the rich need to expire. It’s not a tax increase, it’s taking away a tax cut for the rich that they […]

Tea Party thinks Racism is OK if Blacks do it too

Letter to the Editor One of the things I find amazing about the Tea Party leaders’ response to being accused of racism is to try to prove that blacks are racist to. If blacks are racists then it’s somehow ok for them to be racist as well. WRONG! Even if some members of the NAACP […]

The news media is racist

Letter to the Editor The mainstream news media this week was misled by right wing racist Andrew Breitbart who claimed that the NAACP is racist. His proof was a video he edited to make it look like Shirley Sherod was making racist statement at an NAACP meeting. As a result of all the news coverage, […]

2 more wins for Obama

Letter to the Editor Today was another good day for President Obama and America. First, his Supreme Court nominee Elana Kagan was approved by the Judicary Committee. And then Obama busted the Republican filibuster and the Senate voted to approve emergency unemployment benefits for the unemployed. That was the big victory because most of these […]

Tea Party Split on how to handle racism

Letter to the Editor The National Tea Party Federation expelled the Tea Party Express this week over how to handle racist views. Tea Party Express leader Mark Williams decided that it was time for them to be honest about their racism and to come out of the closet and say what they really mean. And […]

Obama adds Financial Reform to his list of accomplishments

Letter to the Editor Although Democrats are nervous they scored yet another victory for the people today in passing tough rules to prevent Wall Street from crashing the economy again. No more bailouts this time. Now we have a consumer protection agency that will defend the people from the abuses of the big banks. The […]

Another win for Obama – Banking Reform

Let’s never forget how we got here.

California should legalize pot because marijuana is good for you (Proposition 19)

Here’s a letter I sent to a large number of California State officials about California Proposition 19, to legalize marijuana in California. I support it not because marijuana isn’t so bad, but rather that marijuana is actually good for you. Here’s what I wrote.

There is no Republican Party Anymore

Letter to the Editor People are talking about how the Republicans might do in the elections this November. I say they can’t win because the Republican party no longer exists. Those who claim to be the Republicans aren’t. The party is dead. Only the name survives. This is not the party of Abraham Lincoln. Ronald […]