Tea Party Split on how to handle racism

This post was written by marc on July 18, 2010
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Letter to the Editor

The National Tea Party Federation expelled the Tea Party Express this week over how to handle racist views. Tea Party Express leader Mark Williams decided that it was time for them to be honest about their racism and to come out of the closet and say what they really mean. And Mark did so by writing a satirical letter to President Abraham Lincoln about what “colored people” want.

No No No says the National Tea Party Federation. You don’t call them “colored people”. That’s highly offensive. You have to respect them by calling them “people of color”. This is an election year and the National Tea Party Federation, made up of former Republican leaders like Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey, understand that overt racism doesn’t win elections. Their position is to hide the racism, stay in the closet, and be politically correct. Don’t say what you really think. So the National Tea Party Federation expelled the Tea Party Express because they refused to lie about how they really feel.

The Republican Party completely understands that there is a difference between what you do and what you say. The Republicans get it! They have a person of color, Michael Steele, as the Republican National Committee Chairman. And even though Mr. Steele had a little problem with RNC money paying to take a group of Christian conservatives to a lesbian bondage themed sex club, Mr. Steele keeps his job; possibly sending a message to the political left that there might be a place for affirmative action in the Republican Party.

So who is right? Do voters respect honesty or is it that smart politicians understand that you have to tell the voters what they want to hear. I say, they both are right. Honesty and sincerity is what wins elections. That’s what the public wants. So once you learn how to fake sincerity and honesty, you have it made!

I’m Marc Perkel – And I approved this message!

Marc Perkel
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ADDITIONALLY : I try to keep my letters short. However, I am on a roll so if you have room for a longer piece, below is what you would add for the long version:

Now there are two Tea Parties. One for those who are openly racist and one for those who are not comfortable being openly racist. Who says the Tea Party isn’t a big tent? And they are all going to vote Republican this fall because even though they have a black chairman, they have a long history of racist voting records and legislation.

Although America has come a long way in electing our first mixed race president, we are not there yet. Racism is not over and Obama in the first. I remember as a child hearing discussions about if Kennedy could be an effective president because he is Catholic.Obama is the first, and when you are first, your culture is on trial. The issue of whether Blacks are ready to lead America, especially during these troubled times.

Think about it. What are the Republicans running on? Do you think they are running on their record of accomplishment? Even they don’t say that! So it’s a good think in my opinion to get the whole racial thing out in the open and talk about it. Because in order for racism to really go away, we have to merge our cultures and both sides will have to give up segrigationalist thinking. And it’s going to take some time before we get there.

But I personally an not allow racial issues to distract me in choosing my leaders. What matters to me in this election is that we are in tough times and I want to choose the candidate who is wisest and who is most likely to make the right choices that get us from where we are to where we need to be. So my criteria is based on who has the best plan? Convince us that you can make it happen. I want someone with a deep respect for reality and who understands that if you don’t get right with reality, that there are consequences. You want my vote then inspire me with your vision of the future. Is your vision “Star Trek”? “The Martix,” or “Planet of the Apes”? I want to hear “Star Trek”.


This letter in support of California Proposition 19

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