The news media is racist

This post was written by marc on July 21, 2010
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Letter to the Editor

The mainstream news media this week was misled by right wing racist Andrew Breitbart who claimed that the NAACP is racist. His proof was a video he edited to make it look like Shirley Sherod was making racist statement at an NAACP meeting. As a result of all the news coverage, Sherod was fired.

Now it turns out the news media was wrong and Ms. Sherod made no such racial statements. So who is the media blaming? Would you think they would blame Andrew Breitbart who phonied up the video? Do you think they would blame Fox News for inflaming it? Do you think they would blame themselves for getting it wrong? NO! The news media is blaming the NAACP and the Obama administration for believing the mainstream media. So when blacks are victimized who do we blame? We blame the victims, the people who believe the lie, not the people who told the lie. And that is racism on the part of the news media. This is their fault and the fault of Andrew Breitbart.


As usual – the media blames the niggers. It’s the NAACP’s fault for believing it. It’s Obama’s fault for believing¬† it. Not the fault of FOX or CNN or MSNBC for calling for her resignation. Not our fault the media says. Let’s blame the niggers.

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