Rally to Restore Sanity – Why is Sanity considered Liberal?

Letter to the Editor It’s kind of interesting that Comedian John Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity”, held in the Washington mall Saturday, is considered to be a liberal pro-Democrat rally. Sanity is considered a Liberal position? I wonder why that is?

You get who you vote for

Letter to the Editor Although there is a mood to vote against incumbents in a fever to throw the bums out, keep in mind that who you vote for is the person you will be stuck with. I urge voters to take a look at who you are voting for, not against, and ask yourself […]

Friends don’t let friends vote angry

Letter to the Editor I’m sure all of us can remember being angry at some time and doing things that we later regretted. In less than a week we have an election coming up and I don’t think voting angry is going to lead to the solutions America needs to get over being angry. It’s […]

Have Republicans overplayed their hand?

Letter to the Editor Republicans have been emboldened by voter anger at government, a surge of cash from unknown sources, and news reports of how the Republicans are going to slaughter the Democrats. Republicans have been so gitty about winning that I’m surprised Sarah Palin hasn’t been over to the White House to measure the […]

This election is still about Bush

Lest we forget! Liberal bloggers are organizing to stop the Republican’s attempt to rewrite history and blame the deficit on Obama and the Democrats by posting the Bush TARP speech video on their web sites to remind voters that the economy and the debt is the fault of Bush and the Republicans. The idea is […]

The Democrats are Catching Up

Letter to the Editor As we get closer to election day the Democrats are pulling ahead of Republicans. I think as people get closer to actually voting people are looking at the Republicans and realizing the Republicans aren’t going to solve Americas problems. Republican haven’t learned a thing from the last two elections. In fact […]

Bush says NOT Privatizing Social Security was his biggest failure

Letter to the Editor Former president George W. Bush says that he considers his biggest failure of his presidency was NOT privatizing Social Security. I think what he really means is that his biggest failure was not destroying Social Security. Even with the advantage of hindsight, knowing what happened with the Wall Street collapse and […]

Does Money influence the news?

Letter to the Editor As we all know the Supreme Court changed the rules this year so the corporations can give unlimited money anonymously helping Republicans who are more than willing to do what the corporations want. We saw that a few years ago when Republican House Minority Leader John Boehnor was passing out checks […]

Has the Republicans/Tea Party made to many enemies to win?

Letter to the Editor Although the news media is trying to convince us that the Republicans/Tea Party are going to take over America in the 2010 election, I don’t think that will happen because they made too many enemies this year. If those people show up at the polls it might be the Republicans who […]

Justice Dept. should go after bank fraud – not pot smokers

Letter to the Editor Attorney General Eric Holder has his priorities wrong what he says that he is going to “vigorously enforce” federal marijuana laws calling it a “core priority”. Statement like that makes me wonder, “What’s this guy smoking?” Maybe the justice department should make catching the criminals that ripped off the banking system […]

No one mentions BUSH anymore

Letter to the Editor The Bush presidency was one of America’s darkest times. It was so dark that no one wants to mention Bush anymore. Republicans never speak his name. Democrats don’t mention him either. And the news media seems to consider Bush a 4 letter word. But maybe we should talk about Bush because […]

Backwards or Forward?

Letter to the Editor We have a choice to make this election. Do we vote to go forward, or vote to go backwards? Backwards — been there, done that. I say let’s vote to go forward.

Say NO to Stupid!

Letter to the Editor There seems to be a great effort this year to get voters to vote stupid. The news media is pushing stupidity. Campaigns are running ads trying to make you stupid. There are even those who are trying to convince you that stupid is cool, and that stupid is the new smart. […]

Did no one hear what Glenn Beck said?

Letter to the Editor In this country using the N-Word is enough to get you virtually excommunicated from normal society. But using the N-Word does not even come close to what Glenn Beck said recently about slavery. Glenn Beck said that slavery started with innocent ideas and it was the government regulation that made it […]

Republicans need lots of money to mask bad policies

Letter to the Editor Republicans are raising lots of money for this election because they need it to mask the bad ideas from the radical far right candidates the Republicans are running this year. They hope to cover of crazy with millions of corporate dollars. Republicans want to privatize Social Security. The want to run […]

I voted!

Letter to the Editor Here in California the 2010 ballot arrived in my mailbox today and I voted and put it in the mail to bet returned and counted. This was the first time I ever voted by mail and I like it. It allowed me to vote from home where I could study the […]

Pot no longer a crime in California

Letter to the Editor Although California has not yet legalized in California through Proposition 19, Governor Schwarzenegger signed a new law reclassifying possession of an ounce or less as an infraction. Possession is equivalent to a parking ticket. In many ways this new law doesn’t change much. Almost no one in California gets arrested for […]