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This post was written by marc on October 4, 2010
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Letter to the Editor

Here in California the 2010 ballot arrived in my mailbox today and I voted and put it in the mail to bet returned and counted. This was the first time I ever voted by mail and I like it. It allowed me to vote from home where I could study the candidate statements and do research on the propositions in order to understand them and get my vote right.

I do feel however that the government should have sent the ballot postage prepaid rather than having to put 2 stamps on it myself to get it back to them. I’m concerned the post office is going to throw out a lot of ballots for lack of enough stamps.

The way I see it, no matter what side you are on if you don’t vote you’re not really a citizen. If you don’t vote you are not participating and you should lose your right to complain. Not only should you vote but you should take the time to think things through, study the candidates positions and experience. Study the ballot proposals. Make your vote valuable to you as if you were the one making the final decision. If you are voting by mail like I did, be sure to remember to sign your ballot or it won’t be counted.

I vote because I care about the future of the country. If you care about America’s future as I do you will vote too.

My vote:
City Council:

Peter Arellano
Peter Leroe-Muñoz
Paul Kloecker

Voted for all the Democrats.

On the issues:

19 – YES – Pot is practically legal as it is
20 – YES – Keep politicins out of redistricting
21 – NO – I’m against punishing car owners.
22 – YES – End raiding of local governments by state
23 – NO – Voting against Texas Oil Billionaires
24 – YES – Tax the rich
25 – YES – No more budget gridlock
26 – NO – Just voted to get rid of 2/3rds in 25
27 – NO – Voters should choose the elected officials – not elected officials choosing the voters

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