Has the Republicans/Tea Party made to many enemies to win?

This post was written by marc on October 20, 2010
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Letter to the Editor

Although the news media is trying to convince us that the Republicans/Tea Party are going to take over America in the 2010 election, I don’t think that will happen because they made too many enemies this year. If those people show up at the polls it might be the Republicans who lose seats.

Women, for example, would lose the right to choose abortion, even in the case of rape or incest. Imagine having to have court ordered child visitation or shared custody from the guy who raped you. Tea Party candidates want to phase put Medicare and Social Security. One Tea Party candidate would allow businesses to exclude blacks from entering if they want. Republicans are running ads urging Latinos not to vote. Republicans was to end the Veterans Administration and the Department of Education. Consumers would have no credit card protection from greedy banks. The sick would lose government protection from insurance companies who make a bigger profit if you die than if they have to pay to treat you. Students would lose government backed college loans. And when it come to oil spills the policy is Drill Baby Drill! And for those who believe in smaller government, balanced budgets, and fiscal responsibility, Republicans hope that people can’t remember as far back as two years ago.

So if the voters wake up and say to themselves, “Why are we going back to the people who created the problems?”, we might see people voting to reelect the Democrats. Although the Democrats didn’t solve all the problems of the Bush nightmare in two years, the Democrats accomplished a lot. The saved the economy from collapse. Regulated Wall Street. Passed consumer protection, and – their greatest accomplishment – health care reform. So I don’t see how the news media makes the assumption that Republicans are going to win. Why would voters vote against themselves?

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