Have Republicans overplayed their hand?

This post was written by marc on October 24, 2010
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Letter to the Editor

Republicans have been emboldened by voter anger at government, a surge of cash from unknown sources, and news reports of how the Republicans are going to slaughter the Democrats. Republicans have been so gitty about winning that I’m surprised Sarah Palin hasn’t been over to the White House to measure the drapes. But with polls turning to the Democrats perhaps the Republicans overplayed their hand.

The Republican Tea Party candidates are less disciplined that Republican career politicians are. The career Republicans don’t talk about eliminating Social Security before the election. Right wing pundits and Tea Party candidates have taken positions that are beyond extreme. Glenn Beck, for example, suggested slavery started with innocent ideas and was ruined by government regulation. Several candidates are suggesting the 14th Amendment be repealed. Republican groups are running Spanish language ads urging Hispanics not to vote. Republicans used to support an exception for rape for abortions, but now they don’t. The want to eliminate the minimum wage. The want to overturn consumer protection laws in favor of the very banks we had to bail out. The only thing you don’t hear is drill baby drill.

Now that election day is close voters are doing the very thing Republics feared might happen. Voters are beginning to think and they look at these tea party candidates and realize that they are just plain crazy. Voters are questioning the wisdom of voting their anger and putting the crazy people in charge. Although they are unhappy about unemployment they don’t see how electing the Tea Party is going to create new jobs.

The problem for Republicans is that they are counting 100% on voter emotions to win and they have nothing for the thinking voter to consider. They have no plan to balance the budget. They have no plan to create new jobs. They have no plan to deal with immigration, nothing to prevent bank bailouts, and certainly nothing to bring America back as one country rather than a divided nation. If the voters start thinking the Democrats can win this year and it would be all over for the Republican party.

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