Republicans the opposite of Robin Hood

Letter to the Editor We live in a country where we take money away from the old and the sick to fund tax breaks for the super rich. Robin Hood must be spinning in his grave.

Better ways to balance the budget

Letter to the Editor The Deficit Commission has suggested that the way to cut the deficit is to drastically cut Medicare and Social Security and raise taxes in gasoline. I say WRONG! A better idea is to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, eliminate the Bush tax cuts for the rich, and raise the cap […]

Torture is morally wrong

Letter to the Editor Torture is morally wrong. It is illegal both nationally and internationally. It is uncivilized, brutal, and things done only by the religiously insane, but barbarians, brutal dictators, and psychopaths.  It’s the kind of thing done by countries like the Congo, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, Germany under Hitler, and […]

What does the Republican Win Mean?

Letter to the Editor Voters are asking the question as to what the Republican wins in the election mean. Does it mean that the people want Republican control? Does it mean we should repeal health care reform or phase out Medicare and Social Security? When the Supreme Court deregulated corporate money, ruling that corporations were […]

It wasn’t just Democrats who lost in the 2010 election

Letter to the Editor Although the number of Democrats who lost in the 2010 election was huge it wasn’t just Democrats who lost. There was also a huge number of Republicans who lost in the 2010 election as well. They lost to Tea Party candidates in the primaries. This is the third election in a […]

Where Obama, Reed, Pelosi, and the democrats went wrong

I have been biting my tongue hard and in forced denial for the last two years but the time for that is over. We can no longer continue to be in denial if we are ever going to turn things around. In the last 2 years we have seen hope and change deteriorate into weak […]

Show up and vote today

Letter to the Editor I want to encourage everyone to show up and vote because if you don’t vote – they win. And you aren’t going to be happy if they win. So take the time today to go to the polls and vote for the person who you think is going to do the […]

The NEWS MEDIA is manipulating America

I think John Stewart got it right but it goes beyond what he said. The media isn’t reporting the news, It is creating the news. As Stewart said, they like to inflame people and they make money from an America that is fighting itself. But let’s look at it in more detail. The news media […]