The NEWS MEDIA is manipulating America

This post was written by marc on November 1, 2010
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I think John Stewart got it right but it goes beyond what he said. The media isn’t reporting the news, It is creating the news.

As Stewart said, they like to inflame people and they make money from an America that is fighting itself. But let’s look at it in more detail.

The news media picked Bush as president. The anti-Gore bias was overwhelming. Especially during the recount.

The worked hard selling us on the Iraq war. If 25 right wingers rallied they got covered. If 100k of us rallied they didn’t cover it. As with the Stewart rally, as he pointed out, 5 major networks weren’t there. They were all there for Glenn Beck.

The Tea Party was created by the news media. Sarah Palin would have been forgotten as quickly as Geraldine Ferraro if not for the news media keeping her alive.

But a name almost never spoken anymore – Bush. And he’s the one who caused this mess.

Now they are selling us on the idea that Democrats are going to lose Tuesday. And it’s all media created bullshit!

You’ll notice that they are not only all on the same script, but they even use the same phrases. “Republican Tsunami”.

The media is a corporation. When a money interest wants news slanted a certain way they get the producers to tell the talent, usually large breasted women, what they script for the day is. And that’s the slant they put on it. That is also why they all use the same phrasing.

Stewart got it exactly right. And when you think about it – why is the most trusted name in news a comedian? Is it because the pundits are really that stupid? Or is it because it’s money that is talking?

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