It wasn’t just Democrats who lost in the 2010 election

This post was written by marc on November 3, 2010
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Letter to the Editor

Although the number of Democrats who lost in the 2010 election was huge it wasn’t just Democrats who lost. There was also a huge number of Republicans who lost in the 2010 election as well. They lost to Tea Party candidates in the primaries. This is the third election in a row where the voters wanted to throw the bums out. Democrats made the mistake of thinking that in 2006 and 2008 that the country voted FOR Democrats when they were voting AGAINST Republicans. Because the Democrats have won so many seats there were far less Republicans to vote against.

The people are clearly dissatisfied with Congress. It would be a mistake for Republicans to think that people voted FOR them. In the next election there will be more Republicans to vote against unless Republicans and Democrats start putting the People first and fix the mess they created.

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