Torture is morally wrong

This post was written by marc on November 11, 2010
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Letter to the Editor

Torture is morally wrong. It is illegal both nationally and internationally. It is uncivilized, brutal, and things done only by the religiously insane, but barbarians, brutal dictators, and psychopaths.  It’s the kind of thing done by countries like the Congo, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, Germany under Hitler, and the soviet Union under Stalin.

We are Americans and we are the ones who are supposed to set a better example. But unfortunately under President Bush we stooped to the same level ad the above named dictators. Bush now openly admits that he ordered torture. He claims it resulted in useful information. And he acted on that information and invaded Iraq just to find that unlike what he was told, there were no weapons of mass destruction and the premise for the war was false.

All it proved is that if you torture someone they will tell you whatever you whatever you want to hear. But all the torure did was create a recruiting tool for Osama bin Laden to point to Bush with his waterboarding and Abu Ghraib and say that Americans use torture. Americans are barbarians. And because we allow Bush to get away with it, they would be right. It is what put us in danger. It makes America weaker. It makes us seem dishonest. And it is a bad example for the rest of the world.

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