Congress can fix itself on January 5th

Letter to the Editor Once every 2 years on the first day of the new Senate there is an opportunity for the senators to change the rules of the Senate and get rid of rules like the filibuster that allow the minority to rule over the majority. On January 5th on a simple majority vote […]

No confidence in Obama

Letter to the Editor We are about as far away from the next election as we can get so maybe it’s time for a real open discussion. I question if Obama has what it takes to be president. It’s not just the latest tax deal that is stupid beyond belief. It’s not just stupid – […]

10 Years after Bush v. Gore

Letter to the Editor It’s been 10 years since the Supreme Court usurped the power of the People and instead appointed George W. Bush as president. At that time America had a surplus. We are on tract to completely pay off the national debt in 10 years, which would be today. Instead we got 9/11, […]

The only thing worse

Letter to the Editor The only thing worse than Obama caving in to the Republicans will be if the Democrats cave in to Obama. If you have a huge majority in the House and Senate and the Presidency and the People agree with you about not extending tax cuts to the rich, and you still […]

Will Democrats Sell Out Again?

Letter to the Editor It’s not that I don’t feel sorry for the unemployed but if the unemployed had bothered to go out and vote on election day the Democrats would have won seats, not lost them. And being unemployed they have no excuse for not going out to vote. So Congress is going to […]

At least WikiLeaks lets us hear the TRUTH

Letter to the Editor One can argue if it was a good or bad thing for America to have its secrets exposed through WikiLeaks. Some say it put lives in danger. Others might argue that the secrets cost a lot of lives and exposing them saves lives. Both sides have merit but I have to […]

Let it all expire

Letter to the Editor Bad decisions have consequences and we can’t keep kicking the can down the road forever. It’s time to pay the bill on the 2 wars we’re fighting and get serious about reducing the deficit. The Democrats want to spend money on the long term unemployed and the Republicans want to give […]

I just don’t believe them anymore

Letter to the Editor They say then need to cut Social Security to balance the budget, but they have enough money for tax cut for the rich. They tell us we can’t afford to extend unemployment but when the rich need bailed out there’s trillions of dollars. They say we need to cut medicare but […]