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This post was written by marc on December 9, 2010
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Letter to the Editor

We are about as far away from the next election as we can get so maybe it’s time for a real open discussion. I question if Obama has what it takes to be president.

It’s not just the latest tax deal that is stupid beyond belief. It’s not just stupid – it’s Sarah Palin stupid!

While I agree that America needed a stimulus 2 years ago when we were losing a million jobs a month, the job losses have stopped. We now run the risk of creating a welfare economy on borrowed money. The deficit is VERY SERIOUS and we can’t keep just borrowing money to keep America in denial. We are going to lose America and our freedom over this.

Obama describes Republicans as “Terrorist” and “Hostage Takers” – which I agree with. What the Republicans are doing is TREASON! However he is saying that we have to cave into the hostages takers. that on it’s face is so damn stupid that you’d think Sarah Palin was already president. The message that statement says is that America caves into terrorists and that the Democrats cave into terrorists. Talk about sending the wrong message not only to Americans, but to the real terrorists. “Yes we can” is now “No we can’t”. Hope and Change is now Nope and Same.

Cutting the Social Security tax will bankrupt Social Security. That’s the Republican’s wet dream to kill Social Security. And for what? To kick the can down the road for two more years? We’re stealing from Social Security to fund our national denial.

The Bush tax cuts along with two unnecessary wars has bankrupted America. How are we going to fix the problem if we keep doing what caused the problem? If we want to stop the economic collapse then end the Bush tax cuts and end Bush’s wars and we’re practically there.

America did just fine with the Clinton tax rates when Clinton was president. I would pay a LOT more taxes if they go up but I just can’t live the lie anymore. Yeah it’s going to hurt but it has to hurt. Bush ruined the economy and we need to feel the karma of our mistakes rather than to pretend it’s all just fine.

Last year Obama make many serious concessions to Republicans to get votes just to get NO VOTES. That’s not how deals are made. What you do if you are going to give in is to get some votes for it. Otherwise why give in?

I could go on but what’s the point. This alone is sufficient for me to lose confidence. And if the Democratic party caves in too then they share in the stupidity.

Sorry, I just can’t pretend what’s happening is OK anymore. This is INSANITY! It’s time to get real. If we turn our back on reality then reality will turn it’s back on us. It has to stop and it has to stop NOW NOW NOW!

Reader Comments

I think you make many good points… but also make a lot of general statements, like ‘Bush ruined the economy’, that indicate a common bias.
Regardless, you certainly have much intellectual opinion and ENERGY to build this site. Kudos2U.
Anyways.. I’ve debated with my liberal and conservative friends at length over the years. I guess I’m more a moderate and certainly a libertarian.
So my point to you is.. when you see the ineffectiveness of government, why do you still choose sides? Can’t you see our whole system is out of whack? ALL of the politicians, even your liberal heroes, are political tools. Our federal government is 5X the size it should be and that’s because of BOTH parties. Yet Americans think one side is bad and one good. The media and the elected divide us over senseless issues when the main issue is THEIR POWER AND WEALTH.

Written By trussel on December 23rd, 2010 @ 1:32 pm

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