Congress can fix itself on January 5th

This post was written by marc on December 18, 2010
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Letter to the Editor

Once every 2 years on the first day of the new Senate there is an opportunity for the senators to change the rules of the Senate and get rid of rules like the filibuster that allow the minority to rule over the majority. On January 5th on a simple majority vote they could choose to end the abuses of power that has caused the People to despise Congress so much.

The Democrats have the votes to make it happen, nut it would end their power to abuse the sysem if they should become a minority. You would think however with Republican gains that Republicans might be in favor of change as well and maybe some Republicans might help vote in the rule changes. No matter how it happens it is a change that is necessary. We need to end rules that keep the will of the people from being held hostage.

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