US wants OFF switch for Internet – No Way!

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting and disturbing that the US government wants an “Off Switch” for the Internet. As we watch what is happening in Egypt we see that an Internet Off Switch is what tyrant dictators use when the people rise up in the name of freedom. Giving the government an off switch […]

We includes Everyone

Letter to the Editor Like everyone, I support a balanced budget. And like everyone I like tax cuts. But I really don’t want my 2% cut in Social Security taxes if it means that old people have to eat dog food to survive. We also have to remember that the Constitution starts with “We the […]

Violence often starts with hate speech

Letter to the Editor It is no surprise to me that someone started shooting at Democrats like Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords when the Republicans openly advocated the use of “Second Amendment Remedies” in their campaigns and referred to member of Congress as “domestic enemies”. This is a thinly veiled message that should Republicans lose the election […]

Scalia says what?

Letter to the Editor We live in a country where we have a Supreme Court Justice – Antonin Scalia – who says that the Constitution doesn’t protect women and gays from discrimination. And we’re not impeaching this guy? What has this country come to that we allow justices on the highest court in the nation […]