US wants OFF switch for Internet – No Way!

This post was written by marc on January 30, 2011
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Letter to the Editor

It’s interesting and disturbing that the US government wants an “Off Switch” for the Internet. As we watch what is happening in Egypt we see that an Internet Off Switch is what tyrant dictators use when the people rise up in the name of freedom. Giving the government an off switch is like giving them an off switch to the Constitution. It’s a really bad idea.

We are a nation of the People and the Internet is of the People, not something that is or ever should be under the control of the government. The very idea is against everything America stands for. It’s also a bad idea in a practical sense. If there were an off switch then what stops some terrorists from accessing it? If such a thing existed someone other than the government would figure out how to control it and hold the nation hostage.

As a network expert I actually doubt that it is possible to create an Off Switch for the Internet so I’m not that worried about them actually doing it. But the arrogance that they think they have the right to do so disturbs me more. I think We the People need an Off Switch to turn off the government if they get too out of line.

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