The Last Shuttle Launch

Letter to the Editor As we come to the last of the space shuttle missions I can’t help but to think that it’s a shame that humanity isn’t investing more in the exploration of space. Instead our politicians engage in petty disputes over power and money. I have to ask the question. Are we as […]

Tell Hillary Internet Freedom for all – including US

Letter to the Editor In her second major address on Internet freedom Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, “History has shown us that repression often sows the seeds for revolution down the road. Those who clamp down on Internet freedom may be able to hold back the full impact of their people’s yearnings for a […]

Republican claim we’re broke

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting to see Republicans crying that we’re broke while they give 900 billion in tax cuts to the rich. What we have in America is a class war and at some point the People are going to rise up against the rich and the corporate overlords and take America back […]

Patriot Act Defeated in the House

Letter to the Editor It was good to see the so called “Patriot Act” get voted down yesterday in the House of Representatives. Liberty loving Democrats and Tea Party Republican teamed up against the Whitehouse, establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans to help end the lawless unlimited government spying on the American public. For the last […]