Time to get real on power

Letter to the Editor Last summer we had the Gulf oil spill that reminded us that that with oil there’s a price to pay. They said that drilling was safe – but it wasn’t. Now we are looking at nuclear meltdown and it’s not just one reactor – it’s 4 of them. I don’t see […]

Americans should Prepare for Civil War

Letter to the Editor The government of Michigan today declared and act of treason in passing laws that would allow the governor of Michigan to impose Marshal Law for economic reasons, dismiss city governments, and put corporations in power in place of government. To even pass such a law is to invite civil war. These […]

Teacher Tenure Must Go

Letter to the Editor Although I generally side with unions and the right to organize, I have to say that tenure for teachers is an abuse of the system. When I was in the 8th and 9th grade I had an incompetent English teacher who enjoyed abusing students. But the principal said that there was […]