Obama called Trump’s Bluff?

Letter to the Editor Presidential hopeful Donald Trump said he would release his tax return when Obama released his birth certificate. Obama has now released his birth certificate, so Donald, lets see that tax return. I’m betting that “The Donald” paid nothing in taxes like most of these rich bastards who are pillaging America.

Arizona passes “birther” law

Letter to the Editor The Arizona legislature has passed a new voting law aimed at Obama requiring presidential candidates to prove they were born in America. I doubt Obama is going to have any trouble doing that, but had this law been in effect in 2008 it would have caused more of a problem for […]

Congress shouldn’t get paid if government shuts down

Letter to the Editor Here in California we got tired of our legislature not passing the budget. So last November we passed Proposition 25 which takes away the salaries of the legislature if they fail to pass the budget on time. I’d like to see other states and the federal government pass laws that take […]

BP wants to start drilling again?

Letter to the Editor It hasn’t even been a year yet since last summer’s oil disaster in the Gulf and now BP wants to start drilling again? Shouldn’t there be some rule that you have to wait at least a year after one of the worlds biggest disasters before you can even ask to start […]