Atheists get last laugh

Letter to the Editor I don’t know what Harold Camping had in mind when he predicted the end of the world but Atheists are making up Christian jokes like there’s no tomorrow.

Taxpayers funding Judgment Day Nonsense

Letter to the Editor I’m not sure what bothers me more; that people are actually foolish enough to believe that the end of the world is Saturday, or that all the donations to fund this nonsense it tax deductible. Because those who believe these crazy ideas get to deduct the donations from their taxes the […]

Religions that ignore Reality

Letter to the Editor The world is not going to end on Saturday. Most people whether they are religious or not look at this “Family Radio” group as a bunch of nuts. However most Christians believe that the world is going to end in some sort of rapture just as Family Radio does. So really […]

What a difference 10 years made in the Debt Ceiling

Letter to the Editor As America hits the debt ceiling I can’t help but to remember where we were 10 years ago. When President Clinton left office our national debt was 1/3 of what it is now. We were paying off the national debt and looking forward to a debt free America. Our biggest debate […]

Mission Accomplished – Time to get out

Letter to the Editor After 9-11 America went into Afghanistan to get those who were behind the attack. Now we have killed Osama bin Laden, who was in a different country, and I say it’s time to declare mission accomplished and get out. We’re spending 2 billion dollars a week there and for what? To […]

Atheist envies Christians today

Letter to the Editor With the death of Osama bin Laden I have to say that as an Realist I envy my Christian and Muslim friends who believe that he is burning in Hell today. Atheists like myself know that there is no such thing as Hell, so I don’t have the advantage of believing […]

Prop 8 Judge Biased?

Letter to the Editor Some people say that the judge in California’s same sex marriage case is biased because it was revealed he was gay? Gay judges shouldn’t decide cases involving gay issues?  Does that mean the straight judges shouldn’t decide questions regarding opposite sex marriage? Think about it.