How to raise the national debt limit

Letter to the Editor President Obama is trying to figure out how to convince Republicans to raise the national debt limit to avoid America defaulting on its debt. I have a suggestion. Obama could switch parties and become a Republican. When Republicans are in the white house the national debt ceiling is not an issue. […]

Cut Afghanistan not Medicare

Letter to the Editor In the battle over the budget Republicans are calling for cutting Medicate and Social Security which in the long run is going to end up with our old people dying in poverty on the streets like they used to before we had those programs. What they should cut instead is Iraq […]

Ignoring the past doesn’t change history

Letter to the Editor I don’t understand this political farce the Republicans are pulling where they are pretending to care about the national debt. We are in the middle of the Bush recession. They are the ones who caused this mess and now they are holding America hostage over a situation they created. As much […]

Question for Congress

Letter to the Editor I have a question for every member of Congress. Do members still get paid if they refuse to raise the debt limit? If they do then that’s just plain wrong. If America runs out of money then Congress shouldn’t get paid.

Republicans holding America Hostage

Letter to the Editor I believe that it is an act of treason for the Republican party to hold America hostage by putting at risk America’s credit rating and creating a situation where our country could default on the national debt, especially when the debt is the Republican’s fault. Our country’s economy is on the […]

Kevorkian Passes but will never be forgotten

Letter to the Editor Today is a sad day as one of America’s greatest heroes passes away. dr. Jack Kevorkian will be missed as we remember hos courage and devotion to the idea that a terminally ill person has a right to choose the time and circumstances of their own death. It seems obvious to […]

Disappointed in World Health Organization

Letter to the Editor I have to say I’m disappointed in the World Health Organization (WHO) for issuing a phony health scare regarding cell phone use and cancer when by their own admission they have no experimental data to support this conclusion. When organization like the WHO issue these kind of scares it calls into […]