Obama Presidency to be tested

Letter to the Editor Next week President Obama will have his presidency tested when Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling. It is now clear the Congress isn’t going to pass anything, which leaves the President with two choices, he can either let America go into default or he can step up and save the […]

It’s ultimately the voter’s fault

Letter to the Editor During the last decade the Bush administration turned a surplus into huge deficits. By the time Bush left office America was collapsing. Then in 2010 Americans voted in the same party that caused the collapse. So who’s fault is it that we are heading towards a default on America’s debt? It’s […]

I’m tired of being used as a hostage

Letter to the Editor I don’t know where it says in the Constitution that politicians can use The People as a hostage but I’m getting damn tired of it. People are talking about America’s credit rating. But what about our credibility rating. What does it say about us as a people when we allow this […]