Economy should not be trashed by a political stunt

This post was written by marc on July 30, 2011
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

On August 2 Obama needs to step up and use his power as the President to put an end to the nonsense. Obama should address the nation and say, ” I am the President of the United States and as such I am responsible for the security of this country. America can not default on it’s financial obligations and I can not allow America to be held hostage by a political stunt. I am therefore ordering the Treasury to lift the debt ceiling under emergency powers to protect the financial stability of this great country.

I have not spent a dime that wasn’t authorized by past congresses who authorized more spending than revenues so congress by passing unbalanced budgets already voted to raise the national debt. There is no need for them to do it again. The time has come to put the people first and it is time for Congress to get back to doing the people’s work rather that political theater. The time for nonsense is over. It’s time for a real plan to get Americans back to work and crawl out of this financial hole.”

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