Science vs. War

Letter to the Editor There is talk that the International Space Station might be shut down because we can no longer get supplies up there anymore. America shut down the Space Shuttle program without developing a replacement program first leaving us without the ability to put people into space. Now the Russians are having problems […]

May God bless Glenn Beck

Letter to the Editor Conservative radio host Glenn Beck says that Hurricane Irene is “a blessing from God”. With this kind of religious insanity it’s no wonder America is in trouble. So as a Liberal Atheist I have to respond with, “May God bless Glenn Beck as well.”

Where do the candidates stand on Reality?

Letter to the Editor Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman has publicly stated that he believes in science. The news media seems more interested in asking candidates about God and what religion they are. I think it’s time that the news media ask candidates if they believe in science and what their relationship is with reality. […]

Huntsman first Republican to play the Reality card

Letter to the Editor I’m not a Republican but I have to say thank you to presidential candidate Jon Huntsman who said, “The minute that the Republican Party becomes the party — the anti-science party, we have a huge problem”. Then – after standing up for science he went on to say, “people are crying […]

Church of Reality to downgrade America

Dear Church of Reality members, This country has become mindnumbingly stupid. We are on a course of self destruction. The most powerful country on the planet has adopted government by hostage taking – and you and I are the hostages. If you think it was ugly a few weeks ago it’s going to be far […]

Rich get another tax cut

Letter to the Editor With the stock market dropping 2000 points in the last 2 weeks the super rich will get another tax cut. The more money they lose in the stock market the less capital gains taxes they will be paying. The Chamber of Commerce bankrolled the Republicans in the last election. I hope […]

America Downgraded

Letter to the Editor Everyone is saying the the credit rating company Standard and Poors downgraded America, but they didn’t downgrade America. The Republicans and the Tea Party downgraded America. Standard and Poors just reported what the Republicans did to our nations credibility.