Where is the money for NASA going to come from

This post was written by marc on September 14, 2011
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Letter to the Editor

NASA announced a new rocket system that can take people to Mars and needs some 35 billion dollars over the next 10 years to develop it. Republicans are asking, “Where’s the money going to come from?” So how do we pay for it?

If we were to get out of Afghanistan and Iraq 3 1/2 months earlier that would pay for it. Or we could end the tax cuts for the rich one year early. We could pay for NASA with about 1/2 of what we gave Bank of America in the bailout. Or about what we spent to save General Motors and Chrysler. When Wall Street calls for money we hand them trillions but when we want to explore the galaxy we have no money for that. I think that humanity needs to start putting science before war and start figuring out how to become a multi-planet species because the Earth isn’t going to be around forever and one big natural disaster and we’re all gone.

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