Congress should at least pretend they care

Letter to the Editor Congress has only scheduled 109 work days for next year in a time where America is in a crisis. We all know that they don’t care what happens to America because all they care about is their petty partisan squabble. But by scheduling only 109 work days they are rubbing our […]

Will Bank of America learn from Netflix Mistake?

Letter to the Editor In the last few months Netflix decided to drastically increase their prices and their customers got angry. They lost 800,000 customers in the last few months. Their stock price dropped from $300/share in July to about $75/share now. Bank of America is doing the same thing with their plan to add […]

Flat Tax Proposals aren’t really Flat

Letter to the Editor It would be interesting to see a flat tax proposal that was really flat. The taxes the Republican candidates are not really flat. All their proposals exempt the capital gains tax setting it to 0. Capital gains is how the rich make most of their money. Payroll tax is also capped […]

Cain’s 9-9-9 plan is really 9-9-9-0

Letter to the Editor Republican candidate Herman Cain has released a new tax plan that he calls the 9-9-9 plan. ( percent federal income tax, 9 percent corporate tax, and a 9 percent national sales tax. But his plan is really a 9-9-9-0 plan because under his plan the capital gains tax drops to 0. […]

Are Mormons Cult Members?

Letter to the Editor A Baptist preacher recently said at a political conference that Mitt Romney wasn’t a Christian and the the Mormon church was a cult. The way I see it if Mormons are not Christian and are a cult then Baptists are the same. Both religions are splinter groups that evolved from the […]

Occupy Congress

Letter to the Editor I’m hoping that the Occupy Wall Street movement puts up some candidates and occupies Congress. I think almost all the politicians in Congress are vulnerable and can be easily replaced. America is in trouble and Congress is making it worse. We need to replace them with new people who are focused […]

Guns for Mexican Drug Lords – but not for patients?

Letter to the Editor There are times when the government does things that are so stupid that it makes my head hurt. The Justices department was caught supplying weapons to Mexican Drug lords and now they are saying the patients who use medical marijuana in Montana don’t have the right to own a gun? It’s […]

Justice Department has wrong priorities

Letter to the Editor I think that the Obama Justice Department has the wrong priorities. For some reason Eric Holder is interested in stopping cancer patients in California from getting marijuana by going after pot clubs that are legal under California law. At the same time the Justice Department has been caught secretly supplying firearms […]

Steve Jobs and Drugs

Letter to the Editor In this time of mourning over the passing of Steve Jobs it is important to understand what made him such and outstanding individual. And although it is an inconvenient truth to some people, his success was due to using LSD. That is what Apple’s trademark phrase “Think Differently” is referring to. […]

Bank of America does not have a “right” to make a profit

Letter to the Editor Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan is asserting that they have a “right to make a profit” as justification for their very unpopular new $5 debit card fee. I disagree. While corporations exist to try to make a profit, some succeed and some fail. There is no government entitlement right to […]

10 years and nothing to show for it

Letter to the Editor Now that we’ve been at war for 10 years it’s time to get out now. While our enemies in Afghanistan are the bad guys, are friends there are the bad guys as well. We went in to get Osama bin Laden who we killed in Pakistan. The terrorist who attacked us […]

Bank of America doesn’t deserve a $5 fee for debit cards

Letter to the Editor Bank of America doesn’t deserve a $5 fee for use of debit cards because they are trying to punish consumers because the government is now regulating them, as they should. It was just 3 years ago when Bank of America needed a 45 billion dollar taxpayer bailout because they squandered their […]