Cost of Occupy Wall Street?

Letter to the Editor I’m getting tired of the news reports talking about Occupy Wall Street costing cities millions when they don’t talk about the Wall Street crash of 2008 costing the cities billions. I don’t see law enforcement pepper spraying bank executives. If they enforced bank regulation the way they do park rules we […]

1% worry about Occupy Wall Street

Letter to the Editor It turns out our corporate overlords are worried about Occupy Wall Street. The American Bankers Association paid a Washington lobby firm $850,000 to conduct opposition research to discredit the movement. In their report to the bankers they revealed they are worried that Democrats will embrace the movement and that Republicans might […]

We have to say no to the rich

Letter to the Editor I read today Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachman putting forth her “everyone-pays” tax plan. What is her plan? Raise taxes on the poor. The Republicans seem to feel that the lower 99% need to pay more taxes. That we should be the ones to shoulder the burden of society. All of […]

Using God’s name in political stunt helps Atheism

Letter to the Editor Tuesday the House of Representatives passed a bill declaring “In God we Trust” as the national motto, apparently to send some sort of message that they are somehow morally superior to us lowly non-believing heathens. But the way I see it, what they did has the opposite effect. From an atheist […]