1% worry about Occupy Wall Street

This post was written by marc on November 21, 2011
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Letter to the Editor

It turns out our corporate overlords are worried about Occupy Wall Street. The American Bankers Association paid a Washington lobby firm $850,000 to conduct opposition research to discredit the movement. In their report to the bankers they revealed they are worried that Democrats will embrace the movement and that Republicans might not defend Wall Street companies.

Wall Street bankers are also concerned that Occupy and the Tea Party might find common ground. Tea Party activists are also against the government handing out trillions to banks who use the money, not to create jobs in America, but to buy European Debt Derivatives. They are concerned that the 99% on the bottom will organize and overthrow the hold the 1% has on the Congress.

Sometimes when a movement doesn’t know what to do and they find out the opposition is afraid they might do something – then that is a clue about what to do. If the banks are afraid the people will unite then the people should unite. I think those of us on the left should open a dialogue with those on the right and see where we have common ground and can work together. I think that we can find common ground that America is about “We the People” and not “We the Banks”.

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