Romney gives Evangelicals perspective of Atheists

This post was written by marc on December 15, 2011
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Letter to the Editor

Evangelicals were pretty happy with some aspects of the Bush administration. Bush was one of them, and he passed out a lot of taxpayer money to their faith based organizations, using Atheist taxpayer money to support God. They were therefore against the idea of separation of church and state. But now comes Mitt Romney who is a Mormon and now evangelicals are facing the possibility of the faith based tax dollars going to some other religion. Like Atheists, evangelicals would have to pay taxes to support a different religion than their own.

That is why the First Amendment separates church and state and that we in America have a secular society. A secular society is where all religions and non-religions are all equal. It means that the government can’t pick a favorite religion. I’m hoping that now that evangelicals are facing the possibility of a Mormon president that they can appreciate what Atheists and Realist have known, and embrace with wisdom of our founding fathers in protecting the government from religion and protecting religion from government.

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