2012 not like 2008

Letter to the Editor A lot of columnists have been comparing the Romney vs. Gingrich primary battle to the 2008 primary battle between Obama and Clinton. I don’t think they are similar. In 2008 the Democrats had two strong candidates that they liked. People who wanted Hillary to win liked Obama too. People who liked […]

My thoughts on South Carolina

I have another paradigm which I’d call the rolling yuk factor. The Republicans started with 8 bad choices none of which can beat Obama even though Obama has some serious problems himself. Romney is known and voters don’t like him. That’s why McCain beat him last time. But the elites are behind Romney so he’s […]

Good news for Romney

Letter to the Editor They say that every cloud has a silver lining. As we all know Mitt Romney hasn’t wanted to release his tax returns and explain his bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. With Newt’s big win in South Carolina it looks like he may not have to.

Megaupload crackdown – What does it mean?

Letter to the Editor The news is that the justice department is going after a “pirate” web site called Megaupload and they have shut them down in foreign countries and seized their assets also in a foreign country. And the Justice Department did it without laws like PIPA and SOPA. Looks to me like the […]

Mitt Romney Inevitable?

Letter to the Editor It’s kind of interesting that so many Republicans see Mitt Romney as the inevitable candidate and the most likely to beat Obama. In 2008 Romney, who had a virtually unlimited amount of money, managed to lose to John McCain. McCain went on to lose to a previously unknown Democrat named Barack […]

War on Religion?

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting to hear the Republican candidates decry the “war on religion” when it’s pretty clear that none of the Republican candidates actually believe in God. From my point of view as a Realist, who puts reality first, if there actually was a God and people had a personal connection to […]

Santorum plays race card

Letter to the Editor Presidential candidate Rick Santorum today told a mostly white audience in Iowa that he didn’t want to “make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.” Really? I didn’t know that Wall Street investment firms had that many black people.

Iowa does disservice to America

Letter to the Editor The state of Iowa does a disservice to America in both having a caucus election and insisting on being the first election every presidential election year. Why should this one state always be the one the pre-screens candidates for the rest of us? And if they are going to be the […]