Your boss chooses your health care? Seriously?

Letter to the Editor It just blows my mind that the Republicans thing the your employer should get to choose what kind of medical coverage you should get based on the boss’s religious or moral beliefs. Does one have to defer one’s own religion or morality to your boss? I can’t believe they are actually […]

America is not run from Tel Aviv

Letter to the Editor Israel wants to keep America out of the loop when it comes to its decision to attack Iran. But Israel expects America to back it up once it starts the war. So we’re supposed to sit back and let Israel decide when America is going to war? I don’t think so! […]

Mitt’s wife has two cadillacs

Letter to the Editor The liberal news media is making a big deal out of Mitt Romney saying his wife has two Cadillacs, like she’s so rich or something. Perhaps Mitts wife is just like the rest of us. Maybe she just has one Cadillac for parts so she can keep the other Cadillac running? […]

Romney doesn’t know what the word Secular means

Letter to the Editor Mitt Romney says that Obama “fought against religion” and sought to substitute a “secular” agenda for one grounded in faith. What’s totally pathetic about Romney’s statement is that he doesn’t even understand what the word “secular” means. He thinks that secular is the opposite of faith. It’s not. America has freedom […]

Married women use birth control too

Letter to the Editor Many right wing religious zealots like presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who believes birth control is evil,  might find it shocking to find out that married women use birth control too. Even though he has 7 kids I’d bet there are times when his wife tried to avoid getting pregnant. How can […]

Atheists pay for Catholic Birth Control

Letter to the Editor President Obama made a weird compromise on birth control coverage. Under his plan all women will have contraceptive coverage regardless of religion. However to create the illusion of religious freedom Catholics won’t have to pay for their birth control coverage. Those costs will shift to non-Catholics who will have to pay […]

Realist have rights too

Letter to the Editor In response to the assertion of the Catholic Church the Church of Reality today reasserts the rights of it’s members to have access to contraception and abortions services as a religious right. In our religion every individual owns their own life and are wring their own individual life stories and therefore […]

What gives Catholics the right to deny birth control to the rest of us?

Letter to the Editor I sit here in amazement that the Catholic Church thinks it has the right to deny birth control to the rest of us. Who do these people think they are? Women have a fundamental intrinsic right to have access to birth control regardless of the religious bent of the provider who […]

We’re better off that we were 3 years ago

Letter to the Editor When Obama took office in January of 2009 America was losing 750,000 jobs a month. Now we’re adding 250,000 jobs a month. Although we have a long way to go, the number of jobs is almost 1 million jobs a month increase since the end of the Bush administration. It seems […]