Realist have rights too

This post was written by marc on February 8, 2012
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Letter to the Editor

In response to the assertion of the Catholic Church the Church of Reality today reasserts the rights of it’s members to have access to contraception and abortions services as a religious right. In our religion every individual owns their own life and are wring their own individual life stories and therefore have a religious right to self determination.

Additionally our view is that the religious rights of the patient come before the religious rights of the doctors or the institution that owns the hospital. For example, we would not allow a Jewish or Seventh Day Adventist owned hospital to close their emergency room on Saturday because of the Sabbath? We would not allow a Jehovah’s Witness hospital to deny a patient a blood transfusion because it’s against the hospital’s religion? Why then would we deny a woman who has been violently raped emergency contraception so that she doesn’t become pregnant by her attacker because the Catholics don’t like birth control?

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