Pink Slime is Bad Journalism

Letter to the Editor The whole pink slime controversy is an example of how poor journalism is in this country. If it’s pink and it’s slimy it must be bad. Actually what they call “pink smile” is a lower fat meat than the meat they are adding it to, which is after all the rotting […]

Romney runs away from his biggest accomplishment

Letter to the Editor We all know that Obamacare is essentially the same thing as Romneycare. The only difference between them is whether the state or the federal government makes you buy health care insurance. Now Obama (finally) is embracing Obamacare as an accomplishment taking credit for getting it passed. Romney could be doing the […]

Overturning Obamacare might backfire for GOP

Letter to the Editor I see the Republican party salivating over the possibility that the Supreme Court will overturn Obama’s health care reform law. Republicans seem to see this as some sort of huge victory but I think this could backfire. If the Republicans win it means that people and treatments that are now covered […]

“Etch a Sketch” Romney may be best

Letter to the Editor Although it doesn’t help Romney in the Republican primary it would help Romney in the general election if he were to flip 180 when he gets to the general election. So the “Etch a Sketch” Romney may be something he needs to embrace. In order to win the Republican nomination a […]

A murderer walks free

Letter to the Editor I think it’s a travesty for America that we allow George Zimmerman – the man who killed the black teenager Trayvon Martin – to just walk around free. About a month ago Zimmerman shot and killed Martin in Stanford Florida. Martin was unarmed and screaming for his life when he was […]

Good economy bad for Republicans?

Letter to the Editor I listen to the news and hear the pundits saying that we have good economic news, and good news is bad for Republicans? And I have to say to myself – this is insanity. Why is good news for America bad news for Republicans? Maybe Republicans need a new game plan. […]

Israel should sign nuclear non-proliferation treaty

Letter to the Editor With all the talk of starting yet another war that the world can’t afford there is an opportunity to increase the peace. We can turn a disadvantage into an advantage. Israel and Iran should both agree to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is a landmark international treaty […]

Rush Limbaugh reflects conservative views about women

Letter to the Editor Rush Limbaugh is now apologizing for calling a Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute because she testified in favor of requiring heath insurance companies to cover birth control. Calling her a “feminazi” Rush added that “We want you to post the videos online so we can all […]

Proving who is most conservative

Letter to the Editor The Republican candidates are struggling to demonstrate who is the most conservative candidate. Who is willing to go all the way and stand out from the pack? Here’s some ideas: They can make a YouTube video clubbing a baby seal to death. Promise to drill of oil in San Francisco Golden […]