A murderer walks free

This post was written by marc on March 22, 2012
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I think it’s a travesty for America that we allow George Zimmerman – the man who killed the black teenager Trayvon Martin – to just walk around free. About a month ago Zimmerman shot and killed Martin in Stanford Florida. Martin was unarmed and screaming for his life when he was shot. Zimmerman pursued Martin after being told by the police not to. Zimmerman’s excuse was self defense. You have to be kidding me! You can just shoot someone and tell the police you did it and just walk out the door with your gun and not be arrested! That is just plain crazy!

Allowing Zimmerman to walk free without an arrest sends a message to all black people that in America that someone can come up and shoot you and just walk away. And it’s not just black people. I’m white. and it tells me that I can be shot like that by anyone who doesn’t like me for any reason. All they got to do is say it was self defense. It makes me wonder if this is a sign that we have collectively gone insane?

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