The Birther thing can backfire on Republicans

Letter to the Editor Ok – lets just admit it! We live in a world where “stupid” is becoming the new “smart”. Case in point is The Donald claiming that Obama wasn’t born in America. Not only is this an assault on our collective IQ, but the message actually works against Republicans because it turns […]

Romney’s record at Bain does matter

Letter to the Editor I keep seeing these weird stories coming out of the mainstream media titled, “Romney’s record at Bain Capital: Does it matter?” Are you kidding me? Bain Capital is what Romney does! I’m one of those people who believes that what you do is who you are. So if he’s running to […]

America is about People – not Investors

Letter to the Editor When the Supreme Court decided the corporations are people then people became non-people. America was supposed to be a democracy created to serve real people and no other reason. We were trying not be a kingdom where we were ruled by a king. Nor were we trying to be a feudalistic […]

There is no such thing as marriage in America

Letter to the Editor In general the idea that all people should be treated equal is a sound starting point for a discussion about same sex marriage. Everyone should be treated equally. But there is no such thing as marriage and what the states pass off as marriage isn’t marriage at all. It’s just a […]

Who says Romney has no sense of humor?

Letter to the Editor Romney now claims that he deserves “a lot of the credit” for the comeback of the American auto industry in spite of the fact that he opposed the government rescue of GM and Chrysler. What an amazing claim! That would be like Hitler taking the credit for the creation of Israel […]

Mitt Romney – Yawn!

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is so boring and awkward that his secret service code name is John Kerry.