America is about People – not Investors

This post was written by marc on May 12, 2012
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Letter to the Editor

When the Supreme Court decided the corporations are people then people became non-people. America was supposed to be a democracy created to serve real people and no other reason. We were trying not be a kingdom where we were ruled by a king. Nor were we trying to be a feudalistic society where the peasant class (99%) was forever enslaved through bondage (debt) to the “Lord of the Manor” (1%). We are a country where all men (people) were created equal.

This week J. P. Morgan had 2 billion in trading losses. Chief Executive (Lord of the Manor) Jamie Dimon has been lobbying for less government regulation of Wall Street so that they can make more money through higher risk investments. However in 2008 when everything collapsed the banks came begging to the government for a bailout of trillions of dollars that we The People are supposed to be responsible for. They aren’t taking the risk – the risk is transferred to us. That isn’t fair. Why should We the People just hand the Lord of the Manor trillions of dollars that we have to pay back to them? I don’t think so. Why should we deregulate them and have The People pick up their losses?

The top 1% are sucking the life out of America. That’s why we need to tax the rich to get our money back that they stole from us in 2008. These investors are not “job creators” they are turning into slave owners and our debt becomes the mechanism for instituting slavery. If the phrase “We the People” means anything to Americans then we need to rise up against our oppressors and tell them – we are the people – corporations are not people – and we are going to take America back from the rich and make them pay off the national debt that they created and tried to put on us.

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