The Birther thing can backfire on Republicans

This post was written by marc on May 30, 2012
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Letter to the Editor

Ok – lets just admit it! We live in a world where “stupid” is becoming the new “smart”. Case in point is The Donald claiming that Obama wasn’t born in America. Not only is this an assault on our collective IQ, but the message actually works against Republicans because it turns out – they are the ones whose presidential candidates are foreign born.

Case in point – 2008 – John McCain. McCain was born in Panama. Although there are likely a number of plausible exceptions, John McCain has never explained it. And quite frankly, I’m still curious to hear it.

But McCain wasn’t the first foreign born Republican candidate for president. Mitt Romney’s own father, George Romney, was born in Mexico, yet he ran in the 1968 presidential election. And the reason he was born in Mexico is because his grandfather fled the United States to Mexico where he wouldn’t be arrested because he had 5 wives. George Bush at least was a real Texan who was born in New Haven Connecticut.

So the way I see it Obama is clearly a naturally born US citizen where Romney is the son of a Mexican immigrant who illegally tried to run for president.

Seems to me that the issue itself works for Obama and against Romney. So Donald, are you listening to me? Not only is the issue stupid, but even raising the issue works against your guy. You are totally ruining the illusion that billionaires are supposed to be the smart people who we trust are going to trickle down on us and call it rain.

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