Why did Justice Roberts do it?

Letter to the Editor One thing that I think we can all agree on in regards to the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare is – WOW! Who would have expected Justice Roberts to make that decision. I’ve been thinking about that all day wondering what made him do it and I have a theory. I […]

I’m fine with Health Care Tax

Letter to the Editor I was rather shocked and amazed today that the Supreme Court made the right decision in not overturning Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act. Not only did they find it constitutional, but they did so in the right way. It curtailed the expansion of government power using the Commerce Clause of the […]

Is Science the new Scripture?

Letter to the Editor We live in a time where there are thousands of religions that people choose to believe in. But of all these religions where do you go if you are seeking the Truth? How would someone discern the one true religion, if there is one, and objectively distinguish it from all the […]

Arizona “Papers Please” law applies to everyone

Letter to the Editor What people who support Arizona’s new immigration law don’t understand is that it’s not a law that applies to illegal immigrants. This law applies to everyone and it’s a huge expansion of government power to oppress all people equally, including people who are visiting Arizona from other states. So if you […]

Voters like doing the right thing

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting that the Republicans are angry because Obama decided to stop deporting the innocent children of illegal immigrants calling it an election year political stunt to get voters who believe that doing the right thing to vote for him. So doing the right thing is a political stunt now? Amazing! […]

What happened to Bush?

Letter to the Editor I’m trying to figure out what happened to BUSH? I can understand why the Republicans aren’t talking about him, but why isn’t Obama talking about him, and why aren’t the Democrats talking about him? After all – our country is in serious trouble and the reason things are so bad is […]

Romney gives Obama an “F” ?

Letter to the Editor I find it amusing that Romney pretends to grade Obama on the economy giving Obama an “F”. In comparison where would we grade Bush on the economy? If Obama gets an “F” then Bush set the school on fire. And what’s Romney’s solution to the economy? He wants to go back […]