Romney needs to put America first

Letter to the Editor Mitt Romney would like to suck up to the Israelis and come back with a lot of money and support. It’s easy to say that America has a solemn duty and a moral imperative to back up Israel with regard to Iran. But if Romney is going to be the President […]

Are Romney’s Swiss Bank Accounts really an election issue?

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting that Republicans are saying that Romney’s Swiss bank accounts and secret offshore corporations are not an issue and just a distraction. That we should overlook it and ignore his millions overseas. Makes me wonder what Republicans would say if Obama had tax haven accounts in the Cayman Islands. Do […]

Romney has better plan to turn the economy around

Letter to the Editor Which presidential candidate has a better plan to turn the economy around? Romney does! But when you think about it – turning the economy around isn’t a good thing. We are in a recovery, and if Romney were president we would go back to the policies of Bush and the economy […]

Buddhism evolves towards Reality

Letter to the Editor The religion Buddhism has made a big step forward in religious evolution. The Dalai lama is now pushing his Buddhist monks and nuns to learn science. Buddhists are now being trained to understand Evolution, Heisenburg’s Uncertianty Principle, neuroscience, and the subatomic nature of neutrinos. We live in a world where humans […]

No sympathy from the left for Erik Holder

Letter to the Editor Attorney General Erik Holder will get no sympathy from the left because of his policy of going after medical marijuana operations that are legal under state law and provide needed medicine to people dying of cancer. Although the Republicans voted him in contempt of congress he’s also in contempt of state […]