Buddhism evolves towards Reality

This post was written by marc on July 5, 2012
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Letter to the Editor

The religion Buddhism has made a big step forward in religious evolution. The Dalai lama is now pushing his Buddhist monks and nuns to learn science. Buddhists are now being trained to understand Evolution, Heisenburg’s Uncertianty Principle, neuroscience, and the subatomic nature of neutrinos.

We live in a world where humans are evolving faster than they ever have in history. Now that we have the Internet there has been an explosion of knowledge. Just this week humanity celebrates the discovery of the Higgs Boson, the last of the twelve particles that make up the universe. Last month the Voyager I spacecraft officially left the solar system to be the first human made object to enter interstellar space.

Buddhism is moving to catch up with the rest of humanity by embracing reality and making reality part of their religion and culture. Although Reality isn’t officially part of the Jewish religion, science is very much a part of Jewish culture. It gives me hope that some day Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity will embrace science and reality as well.

All religions seek the Truth and the very definition of truth is that which is real. I therefore urge all of the religions of the world to embrace reality the way the Buddhists have and incorporate reality into your religious beliefs. Reality is religion 2.0 and the very survival of the human race depends on humanity living in right relationship to reality. Those who don’t embrace reality will be left behind.

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